Google’s UAVs are authorized to deliver packages to American cities

Wing, the drone delivery subsidiary of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) obtained on April 23, 2019, the authorization of the American authorities to deliver packages to the State of Virginia. A first in the United States.

Americans will now be able to receive their orders thanks to Wing UAVs. The UAV delivery subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, obtained on Tuesday, April 23, 2019, the authorization of the FAA (United States Federal Aviation Agency) to deliver packages to individuals. If this measure only concerns the state of Virginia for the time being, there is a good chance that it will become widespread in the country. This new flying factor is electric, equipped with 14 propellers that can propel it at 120 km/h while flying 120 meters above the ground. It navigates with a front mounted camera and onboard technologies to determine its latitude, speed, and avoid collisions.

Some fears

The protection of personal data is being debated in the face of the arrival of this technology. However, Google claims that the images potentially collected by the cameras will only be used for technical analysis. Besides, many laws govern the use of drones, such as the ban on flying over crowds or private property. These measures are also intended to alleviate criticism of noise pollution or accident risks.

The purpose of the FAA approval is to control the use of drones and improve confidence, according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who wants to be reassuring in a statement. “This is an important step in trying to integrate drones into our economy safely.” Safety remains our number one priority as this technology continues to develop to its full potential.

An authorization that is difficult to obtain

This authorization is the result of a long-standing project that began in 2013. It is the first time that the US regulator has granted a company specializing in UAVs the same status as an air cargo carrier. Wing UAVs have already performed 70,000 flights and more than 3,000 home deliveries in tests in Australia since 2014. To obtain FAA certification, Wing has been working on its drones at Virginia Tech University since fall 2016. After nearly 7 years of procedures to demonstrate its reliability, the subsidiary, Wing Aviation LLC, now has the same certifications as small US airlines and must submit compliance manuals, training programs, and a safety hierarchy.

The next steps

These authorizations in Australia and the United States open up encouraging prospects for the future of UAV delivery to new territories. Regarding the European market, Helsinki would be the next step in Alphabet. They will probably also facilitate the projects of other interested actors. On March 26, 2019, UPS announced drones to transport medical samples to WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. For its part, Amazon with “Prime Air Delivery” has been planning to implement UAV delivery from its warehouses since 2016.

UAVs are disrupting British airports

After the two-day blockade of the Gatwick airport end of 2018, Heathrow Airport suspended flights for an hour on Tuesday, January 8, after a report concerning a drone near the runways.

Heathrow, the UK’s main airport, was blocked for an hour on Tuesday, January 8, after a drone was reported flying near the airport’s runways. Flights quickly resumed, but the incident followed the near total blockage of Gatwick Airport near London between 19 and 21 December.

About 50 witnesses claiming that one or more drones were flying around the airport had led the authorities to cancel the departure of a thousand flights, a few days before Christmas Eve.

What is the status of the investigation?

The investigation seems to be at a standstill. Two days after the incident, British police arrested a couple of amateur UAV pilots, who were quickly exonerated. Meanwhile, a tabloid published their names and photographs.

Despite several dozen testimonies, a significant police deployment, a call for evidence, with a reward of more than 60,000 euros, and the help of army units, no other arrests have taken place. The police in Sussex made numerous contradictory statements at the end of December. One of the investigators said at the end of December that he could not rule out the possibility that there had never been a drone around the airport until his superiors strongly contradicted him.

Do drones represent a danger to commercial aircrafts?

Even when they are small, drones represent a danger to aircraft, especially during take-off. In particular, they can be sucked into the turbines and block the operation of the engines. More indirectly, airports prohibit, for security reasons, from filming or taking photographs of their activities.

What does the British legislation say?

In almost all countries, it is against the law to fly drones near airports, around prisons, military sites or power plants. After the Gatwick blockade, the British government banned a series of new measures: police will now have the power to issue direct tickets to drone pilots, no-fly zones around airports have extended to five kilometers, and operators of flying aircraft above a certain weight will have to register.

Are there efficient anti-drone tools on the market?

Gatwick Airport announced at the end of December that it had released more than five million euros to equip itself with anti-drone technology, without specifying which one. Several companies offer different types of tools, which aim either to shoot down aircraft or to block communications between the drone and its operator and whose effectiveness is subject to debate.

The British army invested last year in a solution developed by a company but explained that it had not yet received the equipment in question. The British Air Force reported using another technology at the end of December in Gatwick, again without specifying which one.

New Parrot Anafi Drone

Parrot launches its foldable 4K UAV, the ANAFI. Is it capable of competing with the famous DJI Mavic Pro and Air, which until now outperformed the competition in the field of it’s camera’s quality? Here comes this test, a first hand, including my first impressions on this drone.

We have been waiting for a while for that new Parrot drone! This company had bluffed in 2010 the participants of the most prominent high-tech show, the CES of Los Angeles. Among them journalists or seasoned specialists, by presenting their AR Drone, which distinguished itself by its stabilization and its ease of piloting.

However, since then, Parrot, like most UAV manufacturers, has been almost entirely eaten alive by a single actor in this market: DJI. The Phantom UAV range, among others, has mainly distinguished itself for the stabilization and quality of these cameras. Resolution 4K was not long in equipping DJI engines. It then remained the order of the day when the manufacturer decided to release smaller and foldable models, a real godsend for videographers on all sides, and in particular Youtube travelers. This was and remains a media spin-off for the brand. In the meantime, Parrot stuck to Full HD definition.

Here is the Parrot ANAFI!

A small foldable drone. Which I had the chance to test during an organized presentation shortly after the brand’s first official announcement. The machine fits in a carrying case of about 28 cm long and 9 cm wide. It’s relatively small, and that’s good. You still need to add a specific remote control.

Remote control on which a smartphone (iPhone or Android) is connected and fixed on which the app is installed. Folding out the drone’s four arms is quick and easy.
The start-up is rather fast.

My opinion on the camera and after the first flight

Before going further, to give my opinion on the control and the quality of the images, here are some characteristics or technical details. Video recording can be done in 4K, either with a resolution of 3840×2160 at the maximum frame rate of 30 frames/sec or in Full HD at 60 frames/sec. So far, nothing extraordinary, theoretically no better than many smartphones from a technical point of view. However, there is something else that the Parrot ANAFI borrows from smartphones and which already distinguishes it (in good) from DJI’s other competing and foldable UAVs: it integrates a USB-C socket, this type of connection that has become so rapidly established in the mobile world. Therefore no more need of specific charger (thus additional and heavy) to recharge its UAV. The same cable as many recent Android smartphones will do.

The significant advantage, you will be able, on the ground, to reconquer your flying device using an autonomous battery. Congratulations to Parrot for making this choice, which we may wonder why it had not been made before by the competition. The remote control also, it is logical, recharges via USB-C.

Among the few other technical features of this Parrot ANAFI UAV to note again, there is a promised range of 4 km, thanks in part to the use of Wifi connecting the remote control and the four antennas of the UAV. The camera (21 MP), which also records in HDR, is mechanically stabilized along 2 axes and a third axis digitally.

Flighing this Parrot Drone

It is possible to launch the Parrot ANAFI UAV placed on the ground or held by hand and slightly launched into the air (by pressing just before the appropriate button on the remote control).
In a word, know that piloting the ANAFI is easy, especially when you’ve been through other drones from the brand or competition. During the total flying time of this handling (less than about three-quarters of an hour for all flights), I did not test the different navigation modes, but overall it seemed relatively easy for the general public. Different modes of automatic piloting of the UAV and video shooting are possible: for example, the orbital flight, which turns around a point of interest, the rapid recoil by aiming and filming the pilot, … I intend to deepen these piloting modes on the occasion of a more extended test.

From a full battery, I could see an autonomy close to that announced by the manufacturer, namely 25 minutes. Not wrong, is it?

The ANAFI app to install on the smartphone is FreeFlight 6. After the presentation, I could see that it was not working correctly with the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone, joining criticisms seen in Google Play comments: viewing images recorded by the camera on the smartphone screen was no longer possible after switching from photo mode to video mode.

Image quality

Afterward, I intend to take pictures and form an opinion on the quality of the still images. However, I have noticed that the 4K video is well made. However, if possible, I will have to film the same scenes to make comparisons with one of DJI’s Mavic drones.


This first small and foldable Parrot ANAFI UAV is already a success regarding its way, efficient and even pleasant to fly. Bravo for charging via a USB-C socket: this detail, which is not, makes this device even more enviable for those who want to travel light and light. A more extended test will give me an opinion on ANAFI’s ability to be a serious alternative to DJI’s Mavic Pro and Air drones. I would say that for now, ANAFI deserves even more attention. See you after the next flight.

Syma X5SC Drone Review

When looking to purchase a drone, many factors come into play. Apart from quality and the drone’s features, its price also plays a significant role. The Syma X5SC drone is one that is cost-effective, and if you are looking for a product that will serve all your basic needs at a lower price, this is your option. Here, we review some of its essential features.

About the drone

Coming from the Syma Company, there is no dispute that the drone is one of the best on the market currently. Apart from being very affordable, the drone also has the following features:

fakfbjeabflaldsjlawwwwwOffers high-quality videos and images due to its quality camera
Has a flight time of eight minutes
It is light and portable
Has a battery charge time of 2 hours
Made of high-quality material and it is therefore durable


With the above features, it is safe to say that the drone has the following benefits:

It is durable thereby it is cost effective
It is convenient due to its light weight that allows for easy portability
It is efficient for beginners


Because the drone sells at a lower price, it is expected that you will have to compromise with many of its features. Some of its cons include:

Its 2 MP camera is not as good as other competing products
It has a less flight time
Has a limited flight altitude
Has many stability issues


If you are looking for a wallet-friendly drone, then the Syma X5SC drone is definitely for you. Even though it has some fantastic features, it also has some limitations that are worth your consideration. It has a less flight time, and its camera is not as clear. However, what makes this drone great is that it is affordable, therefore; everyone has a chance of owning a mini drone

What are drones used for?

In this day and age, technology is rapidly developing at an alarming rate. Every day it seems like a new gadget is being released to the public. One such gadget that has been around for a few years but is still being modified every year with new features is the “drone” which is a remote-controlled flying device. Furthermore, in this article, what drones are used for will be looked at and discussed.

Video production/film-making

First and foremost, drones are often used for capturing video and footage for a film, commercial, etc. Many well-known film directors, as well as social media creators/artists (YouTube for example), may purchase a drone that is equipped with a video camera so that they can capture better shots or video clips from high above where traditional cameras or camera devices cannot go. Otherwise known as “drone shots” these video clips or photos may increase the production value as well as overall appeal to their video/film.

Military operations

Secondly, drones are also used by many militaries around the world such as the United States Army. Rather than sending a helicopter to scout an enemy territory and risking being engaged by enemy combatants (which could lead to loss of life), the United States Army will simply send a drone to the area to do the job. This mission will be completed from high up above thus allowing them to safely operate in the enemy territory and gain intelligence without actually being seen or heard.

Deliver parcels

Last but not least, another use that drones offer is delivering parcels. Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world, recently introduced “Amazon Prime Air” which is mostly a delivery service that requires no land-based transportation but instead uses drones to deliver customer’s parcels to them.


In conclusion, drones have quite a few useful purposes and are quite possibly one of the coolest gadgets to ever be created. Furthermore, down the road, we may see them have much more value in our everyday lives.

Our Selection of the Best Commercial Drones in 2017

There was a time when drones were a fun, albeit expensive, plaything, but not much more. Fortunately, those days are in the past, and probably–hopefully–gone forever.
The good news in this is that whether you already own one or are looking out for the chance to buy one now, you will be pleased to know that even within the last year alone, the technology has gotten better by leaps and bounds. In fact, in the areas of stabilization and video quality, the comparison of today’s models would put yesterday’s to shame.

Now for the bad news: you get what you pay for. As a result, you will want to do a careful analysis of what you want in your drone, then comparison shop with what is available. Enabling just such an analysis is the purpose of this article. Our evaluations come up with this list of the best drones for 2017.

Phantom 4 Pro

Just as is the case with all DJI products, the Phantom 4 Pro is built on the robust and reliable technology that serves as the basis of all the company’s products. One of the most impressive advances of the Phantom 4 Pro is the safety system that causes it to stop when it senses something in its way. The Phantom 4 Pro is the very best of the consumer-oriented drones tested, despite its steep price tag.

Mavic Pro

new mavic pro dji

It’s very difficult to call the Mavic Pro just a scaled down version of the Phantom 4 Pro, despite being just a little less expensive than the latter. The truth is that despite being made by the same company, the Mavic Pro is different enough from the Phantom 4 that it does deserve to be in a different class by itself. The Mavic Pro folds down, for example, and the Phantom 4 does not. In fact, the Mavic Pro will fold down to about the size of a bottle of water, has a great camera, and even has a field of operation of about four miles, so for less money you’re still getting an excellent drone. Click here Test Mavic Pro DJI

Typhoon H Yuneec

Back up the price range again is the Typhoon H Yuneec, which is another great drone, despite the price. It has six rotors and at 20.5″ by 12.2″ by 18″, it’s a little bigger, big enough, in fact, to necessitate registering with the FAA, but for a professional’s needs, this is an excellent value. In fact, it has several distinct advantages that make it difficult to ignore when compared to other drones. For example, with the six rotors, it’s powerful enough to keep going even if there is a power failure. The camera also can operate freely, a feature that not many other drones offer. If you want a serious drone, this is one not to overlook.

Phantom 3 4K

If you are one of those people who believe that flying is the better part of operating a drone, the Phantom 3 4K should keep your interest going for a while. Quite literally, this one is a blast to operate. Saying that it is very intuitive to operate is an understatement. In fact, watching it work is the greater part of operating it. Whether you are flying in any direction, it is very fast and responsive. The truth is it is almost difficult to crash, especially since when you take your hands off the controls, it simply stops, right wherever it is.

Phantom 3 Pro

phantom 3 professionalThe Phantom 3 Pro is another one of those drones that earns a class by itself. In fact, it’s difficult to find anything about this drone that ‘s hard to operate. It flies easily and is very stable in the air. It has a great wide angle lens and has 4k of video capture. It also has a live feed, built-in GPS, and a return home feature. It is is another really good one. This has to be the meilleur drone de 2017 !

Syma 5C

If you want to buy a drone, but you simply can’t ignore your budget, the Syma 5C might be just the thing for you. It’s far less than any of the other drones on this list, but it’s still a great buy and a great tool. It is another that is fun to fly and presents little difficulty in doing so. The Syma 5C is another great one that offers a good camera, flies well, and even does tricks if you want it to.

If you want to buy a drone, going through this list carefully is a great lesson in what is available to you. Whatever you buy from this list is sure to be a winner.

Top 11 most common application of drones

We are all probably aware of these unmanned devices that have been taking our air spaces to a whole new level. The way many activities have been carried out for many years is slowly being revolutionised by these devices which vary in size, shapes, uses and also the technology used on them. It is undeniable that these machines play a great role in helping man accomplish different tasks that would have been rather challenging without the aid of these robots. With our future skies probably being filled with these buzzing devices, there is need to familiarise with their uses in case you need to use one in the future.

1. Photography:

At times one may have wondered who takes the aerial photographs in music videos, movies, and the rest. Drones have been much useful in that field as they can be remotely controlled enabling the user to shoot videos at the comfort of the ground. Not only are they used in the filming of music videos and movies; they can also be used in filming sports events, real estate photography and much more. The future also promises the use of these devices in live broadcasts by journalists collecting live feeds and footage of various events.

2. Delivery/Shipping:

delivery services
Amazon delivery services

This is a very useful application of drones, as one can get their orders delivered to them right to their doorstep in just a little time span. Sites like Amazon and a few others have taken advantage of drones to deliver small packages at a short distance. Maybe next time you order a pizza from an online site, you will have it brought to you by a drone.

3. Disaster Management:

After the occurrence of a catastrophe, whether natural or artificial, drones can be of help as they contribute to gathering information, as well as assess the damage or identify victims that may need help. Using the same drones, one can also dispatch help to the victims before rescue teams move in to help them. As drones are equipped with high definition cameras and radars, they give crews access to a greater point of view without wasting resources by using helicopters.

4. Mining:

In mining areas where the workers might be exposed to certain risks like collapses of mines, drones prove to be useful in detecting such occasions and hence save the lives of the mining crew. By using drones equipped with special equipment, a mining company can also be capable of finding mineral ores in existing mine pits.

5. Geographic Mapping:

Drones can be used to create 3D maps by being sent to locations that are difficult to reach such as eroded coastlines or mountaintops where they acquire high-resolution data. The technology is available to amateurs and professionals enabling them to collect data and download the images.

6. Agriculture:

agricultural use of rotors
Agricultural use of rotors

Agricultural use of drones has been one of the principal uses of drones, by utilizing these robots to monitor crops so as to improve management and yield. The machines can be used for various tasks such as health assessment, irrigation, crop spraying, as well as planting. This proves to be cheaper in comparison to using other kinds of machines like aircraft for spraying and monitoring your plants.

7. Wildlife Monitoring:

Poaching is one of the greatest problems which many countries are facing at a degree higher than never before. Elephants, rhinos, and other animals like the big cats are all disappearing at an alarming rate. Drones can be a solution to detect the presence of poachers and also illegal loggers. Using them can also help in detection of animals which show ailing symptoms as they can get close enough to the intended target without having to scare them off. As most drones can be equipped with thermal cameras, they can be used to monitor wildlife even at night to ensure 24-hours protection.

8. Law Enforcement:

Crowd surveillance and public safety have heightened to a whole new level with drones being introduced in this field. Security personnel can use drones in different ways, such as crime scenes investigations, border control, and many others. Using them in border control has helped to monitor smugglers of migrants as well as drugs.

9. Construction sites:

The monitoring of construction projects has been made far much easier by having a set of eyes to give the aerial view of the project as well as monitor various phases of the project development. Engineers can obtain a clear picture of the design in 3D to make sure that the construction goes according to plan, and also detect any flaws that can lead to a huge blunder.

10. Weather tracking/forecasting:

Drones can be sent out into hurricanes and tornadoes to provide a clear description of their behaviors and trajectories without having to risk human lives. The drones used for this purposes have specialized sensors for capturing various conditions in detail.

rescue and support
Rescue and support

11. Fun:

Several individuals have found another interesting use for drones which include racing. One can control the drones remotely while also using the appropriate virtual reality gear to enhance their experience.

In conclusion, we should all accept the fact that these buzzing robots are here to stay because they are applicable in many situations. With the growing technology, we expect more advancement in this field, and maybe the development of a drone that is capable of transporting an individual.

Types of Drones on The Market Today

Drones are all the rage these days; not only are there so many different types of drones on the market, but many multi-rotors have various uses.
In this article, we will take a look at a few models and the potential uses for these drones.

1) DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the most advanced drones on the market today. It is a predecessor and an improvement of the Phantom 4. DJI comes in a sleek white colour with a bottom mounted camera. DJI includes a sports mode feature, 4K video, a ‘return-to-home’ feature and an obstacle avoidance capabilities. Priced at 1600 USD; this drone will be your best mate for taking sports and wide angle lens landscape footage.

The aircraft weighs around 1 kg and measures in around at 7″ x 11.5″ x 11.5″ and offers you a carrying case for your drone. The phantom 4 is a blast to fly and great for getting some footage of scenic views with DJI’s 20mm wide angle lens.

2) JJRC H37 Selfie Drone

At a lower price; the H37 by JJRC is a highly discounted selfie drone, retailing at around 47 AUD, this beauty has an HD camera that is capable of capturing a great selfie. JJRC is all controlled by WiFi and has 4-channel connectivity. Along with carrying out a 360-degree rotation, there is a G-Sensor control feature that allows you to follow your smartphone.

a nice selfie drone

If you are tired of the frustration of taking group photos or selfies; the JJRC is a hands-free selfie machine is the selfie drone for you

3) Parrot Spider Drone

parrot rolling spider droneLooking for a little bit of fun? The Parrot Spider Drone is a drone made for doing tricks and to prank people. Coming in the colours red, blue and white and weighing in at only 55 grammes, the Parrot Spider Drone uses Ultra-Sophisticated technology that allows it to fly and roll as well as detect flight altitude. The parrot is meant to be used indoors and can take 300,000-pixel photos and 60 fps videos; primarily for tricks and acrobatics.

The Parrot Spider Drone is perhaps one of the lightest drones on the market and the recipient of 5 Drone awards from The Verge, Popular Mechanics, Mashable and so on.

In conclusion, drones are all the rage these days and whether you are looking to capture some high definition footage of a mountainous terrain, seeking to create a nice group selfie shot, or just looking to do some sweet tricks.. drones have various uses.

There are even more uses for drones than the ones discussed here. Drones could even be used to send letters if you have a mailbox nearby, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro would be able to accomplish such a task.

Drones could be used for security or even emergency situations helping you document a case of urgency.

There is the use of drones as simply a way to enjoy the beauty of nature or the beauty of a new country you are visiting. Drones are everywhere in this day and age and have so many valuable uses. Find the drone that’s right for you today!

The use and advantages of drones in search and rescue missions

We all know that technology has been one of the most beneficial discoveries ever made by man. In various ways, we have been applying technology to help human carry out various tasks which would have otherwise been troublesome ever to achieve. Such an application of technology that has proven to be useful in almost each and every task is the use of drones.

Many people may who love outdoor environments may be attracted to areas like the wilderness that may expose them to various hazards. When such hazards take place, search and rescue teams may be faced with difficult situations like harsh weather, and unfavourable terrain which may threaten the rescue mission.

a Search and Rescue Drone in the US

A drone, in contrast to methods like walking searches, proves to be more useful, since one can conduct an extensive search over a large area which may take hours to complete when walking around. Drones, having a great ability to fly at incredibly low levels in comparison to helicopters, can be a lot more useful in search and rescue missions.

Since they are equipped with a high definition video camera, they increase the chances to find your victim, as you can replay the video captured during the search.

A thermal camera that can be fitted onto many of these devices gives the search crew the ability to detect and find their victims at night, in areas of low visibility.

By using drones, you can provide the victims with supplies ranging from medical to water and food supplies so that you can help them to stay in the best condition possible. It is useful as it gives some time to the rescue crew as they figure out a way to come to their rescue, especially if they are trapped in an area that is somehow difficult to get to.

By use of advanced technology, developers are now coming up with a way in which drones will have the capability to detect and recognise faces, memorise trails as well as assess the trajectory of the victims. There are of course many advantages of drones when used in search and rescue missions which include:

1. Practical Solution:

Times are gone when helicopters were the most used rescue machinery in almost every situations. Drones have proven to be more convenient, as they can be used for the same reason at a more affordable cost. The other advantage of drones over helicopters is that they won’t make any noise which might interfere with rescue operations.

2. Drones have an adequate size:

There are certain situations in which a stranded victim might be at an unreachable position when rescue officers are using machines like helicopters. In such cases, drones will prove to be more than useful owing to their smaller size in comparison to helicopters. You can use them to deliver supplies like walkie talkies and others. You can take advantage of the small size of drones, to get through narrow spaces fro example, when you want to view the inside of a building that has collapsed.

3. Easy Deployment:

Drones are advantageous when it comes to sending them off, due to their small size when compared to the use of helicopters. As a result, you can conduct search missions efficiently in areas like forests where landing and deployment of a chopper might prove a challenge.

4. Drones have an advantage to the environment:

Almost all drones use renewable and environment-friendly energy sources, with a few using internal combustion engines. Using renewable energy sources on drones won’t only be advantageous to the environment but also contributes to making the maintenance of such devices cheaper.

Finally, drones are what each and rescue mission should have as they are not only effective but also they eliminate the need of rescue teams having to send any members of the crew to assess the state of the victims.
This enables the team to exchange ideas of how best they can solve the situation as they view the live feed from the drone which further increases the success of a rescue operation.