RPSS can provide tailored support for specific operational needs.

Current standard services include:

  • High-resolution digital still imagery
  • High-resolution digital near infrared still imagery
  • Real-time streaming video
  • Real-time streaming FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed)¬†video
  • Geotagging of acquired imagery
  • Field payload integration
  • End-user imagery support

Our Missions

661,593 persons reported missing in 2012.

87,217 of those cases remain active.

–¬†FBI NCIC Jan 2013

Returning missing individuals to their families is what drives us. Each day nearly 2300 persons are reported missing in the United States alone.

Below are some of the missing cases that RP Search Services has supported with unmanned aircraft systems and their sensors.

Maureen Fitzgerald Fields

Bobby Jamison

Sherilynn Jamison

Madyson Jamison

Linda Hurst

Amber Dubois

Renee Fox

David Lee Petiet

Tara Grinstead

Amber Smith Sequin

Raul Mendoza

Kendrick Jackson

Peggy Merimon

Ben Lund

Margaret White

Natalie Holloway

Chelsea King

Colt Tipton

Mitrice Richardson

William Kelly Buntain

Laura Vogel

Scott Freund

Egbert Rimkus

Cornelia Meyer

Max Meyer

Georg Weber



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