We are all probably aware of these unmanned devices that have been taking our air spaces to a whole new level. The way many activities have been carried out for many years is slowly being revolutionised by these devices which vary in size, shapes, uses and also the technology used on them. It is undeniable that these machines play a great role in helping man accomplish different tasks that would have been rather challenging without the aid of these robots. With our future skies probably being filled with these buzzing devices, there is need to familiarise with their uses in case you need to use one in the future.

1. Photography:

At times one may have wondered who takes the aerial photographs in music videos, movies, and the rest. Drones have been much useful in that field as they can be remotely controlled enabling the user to shoot videos at the comfort of the ground. Not only are they used in the filming of music videos and movies; they can also be used in filming sports events, real estate photography and much more. The future also promises the use of these devices in live broadcasts by journalists collecting live feeds and footage of various events.

2. Delivery/Shipping:

delivery services
Amazon delivery services

This is a very useful application of drones, as one can get their orders delivered to them right to their doorstep in just a little time span. Sites like Amazon and a few others have taken advantage of drones to deliver small packages at a short distance. Maybe next time you order a pizza from an online site, you will have it brought to you by a drone.

3. Disaster Management:

After the occurrence of a catastrophe, whether natural or artificial, drones can be of help as they contribute to gathering information, as well as assess the damage or identify victims that may need help. Using the same drones, one can also dispatch help to the victims before rescue teams move in to help them. As drones are equipped with high definition cameras and radars, they give crews access to a greater point of view without wasting resources by using helicopters.

4. Mining:

In mining areas where the workers might be exposed to certain risks like collapses of mines, drones prove to be useful in detecting such occasions and hence save the lives of the mining crew. By using drones equipped with special equipment, a mining company can also be capable of finding mineral ores in existing mine pits.

5. Geographic Mapping:

Drones can be used to create 3D maps by being sent to locations that are difficult to reach such as eroded coastlines or mountaintops where they acquire high-resolution data. The technology is available to amateurs and professionals enabling them to collect data and download the images.

6. Agriculture:

agricultural use of rotors
Agricultural use of rotors

Agricultural use of drones has been one of the principal uses of drones, by utilizing these robots to monitor crops so as to improve management and yield. The machines can be used for various tasks such as health assessment, irrigation, crop spraying, as well as planting. This proves to be cheaper in comparison to using other kinds of machines like aircraft for spraying and monitoring your plants.

7. Wildlife Monitoring:

Poaching is one of the greatest problems which many countries are facing at a degree higher than never before. Elephants, rhinos, and other animals like the big cats are all disappearing at an alarming rate. Drones can be a solution to detect the presence of poachers and also illegal loggers. Using them can also help in detection of animals which show ailing symptoms as they can get close enough to the intended target without having to scare them off. As most drones can be equipped with thermal cameras, they can be used to monitor wildlife even at night to ensure 24-hours protection.

8. Law Enforcement:

Crowd surveillance and public safety have heightened to a whole new level with drones being introduced in this field. Security personnel can use drones in different ways, such as crime scenes investigations, border control, and many others. Using them in border control has helped to monitor smugglers of migrants as well as drugs.

9. Construction sites:

The monitoring of construction projects has been made far much easier by having a set of eyes to give the aerial view of the project as well as monitor various phases of the project development. Engineers can obtain a clear picture of the design in 3D to make sure that the construction goes according to plan, and also detect any flaws that can lead to a huge blunder.

10. Weather tracking/forecasting:

Drones can be sent out into hurricanes and tornadoes to provide a clear description of their behaviors and trajectories without having to risk human lives. The drones used for this purposes have specialized sensors for capturing various conditions in detail.

rescue and support
Rescue and support

11. Fun:

Several individuals have found another interesting use for drones which include racing. One can control the drones remotely while also using the appropriate virtual reality gear to enhance their experience.

In conclusion, we should all accept the fact that these buzzing robots are here to stay because they are applicable in many situations. With the growing technology, we expect more advancement in this field, and maybe the development of a drone that is capable of transporting an individual.

Top 11 most common application of drones