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Drones are taking the world by storm with their versatile capabilities and sleek looks. From being pizza deliverers and being used as weapons of war, you can only imagine the many uses of these UAVs.
These UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, drones or mini drone parrot) also bring out an impressive technology, with many drone models being able to either stay in the air or return to the owner safely without a pilot using complex programs.

Do not miss the fun. Find out the exciting facts about drones to keep you up to speed.

The winds of change

The idea of a UAV first came to reality when Austria conducted an air raid in 1849, sending more than 200 balloons armed with bombs and fuses over to Venice. Some of the balloons successfully passed the message, but unfortunately, many of the aircraft were blown back by the winds over Australian lines. However, the idea was later dropped.

Domino’s DomiCopter

dji spark droneDomino, a pizza company, conducted a test of delivering pizza using a drone they named ‘DomiCopter.’ The drone successfully delivered the precious cargo after it flew for 10 minutes. However, this was just a public statement and not the actual thing. This, in fact, opened new doors of drone delivery.

Drone Police

Some countries have developed a particular drone unit. The Tokyo metropolitan police department uses drones with nets to catch other drones that are suspected of flying over forbidden areas, spying on buildings or being a plain nuisance.

Flight Mode

The most recent drones are equipped with software that can help inexperienced pilots from continually crashing into people, walls, trees, and buildings. Some drones are installed with flight mode features, and even when the pilot releases the controls, the drone can remain in the air on the same position, and it is capable of returning home safely by its self.

Military use

America and Israel are the world’s best manufacturers of military drones, with Israel being the first country to manufacture a military drone, and America being both a frequent user and producer. These drones have conducted several air strikes, air surveillance, and reconnaissance.

These are just a few facts about drones, objects that are revolutionizing the world today.
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