In this day and age, technology is rapidly developing at an alarming rate. Every day it seems like a new gadget is being released to the public. One such gadget that has been around for a few years but is still being modified every year with new features is the “drone” which is a remote-controlled flying device. Furthermore, in this article, what drones are used for will be looked at and discussed.

Video production/film-making

First and foremost, drones are often used for capturing video and footage for a film, commercial, etc. Many well-known film directors, as well as social media creators/artists (YouTube for example), may purchase a drone that is equipped with a video camera so that they can capture better shots or video clips from high above where traditional cameras or camera devices cannot go. Otherwise known as “drone shots” these video clips or photos may increase the production value as well as overall appeal to their video/film.

Military operations

Secondly, drones are also used by many militaries around the world such as the United States Army. Rather than sending a helicopter to scout an enemy territory and risking being engaged by enemy combatants (which could lead to loss of life), the United States Army will simply send a drone to the area to do the job. This mission will be completed from high up above thus allowing them to safely operate in the enemy territory and gain intelligence without actually being seen or heard.

Deliver parcels

Last but not least, another use that drones offer is delivering parcels. Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world, recently introduced “Amazon Prime Air” which is mostly a delivery service that requires no land-based transportation but instead uses drones to deliver customer’s parcels to them.


In conclusion, drones have quite a few useful purposes and are quite possibly one of the coolest gadgets to ever be created. Furthermore, down the road, we may see them have much more value in our everyday lives.

What are drones used for?